Paris Hilton Nude Story: "One More Night In Paris"

One more night in Paris.

Author: M@

MF, cons, oral, anal, mast.

Paris Hilton.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fantasy only. It is by no means meant to be taken literally.

…and I’m fucking Paris in the ass now, cramming all of my cock into her deep, warm, soft anus. I pump my meat forward and back, slapping my balls against her ass. The sound of it is like slapping your hands together. I almost come right then and there, but manage to hold back for a moment. I stretch out an arm, and grab hold of her pretty blonde head, my fingers clenching strands of her soft shimmering hair. I tug her head back, and ride her like an animal. With my remaining hand, as I continue to pound my cock deeper and harder up her steaming hot rectum, I grab an ass cheek and squeeze hard; it is soft and tender and fleshy. I dig in my nails, and she sighs then groans at this action. She is knelt on all fours, and her head is stretched far back as I hold onto it. I pull out of her then shove myself back in, she makes an orgasmic sound. I let go of her head and grab both peachy ass cheeks. I firmly grip at them, as I steady myself while fucking her sweet ass. I put my hands under her, and feel for her blonde cunt. I find it, and run my hands over it. She bobs her head down in great pleasure at my arousing her. Her cunt hair is trimmed and rough, and it feels good as my finger tips touch it. As I am doing this to her, she is saying to me; ‘OH YES, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MY DIRTY ASS! MAKE ME COME, I WANT TO COME HARD! I WANT YOU INSIDE ME! I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY BRAINS Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Pussy Story: "The Violation Of Paris Hilton"

The Violation of Paris Hilton

“Check it out”Ricko looked up from where he had been peering at the pool table.The door to the tavern swung shut as he turned and focused on the newcomer.”Fuck”the 45year old steelworker muttered,grabbed his beer from the edge of the table.”Fuckin Bitch.”his mate,Tony,grunted in agreement”Bitch must have taken the wrong turn.”The slender blond looked out of place.”Man,I know that slut”Ricko said”Saw her on the net,fuckinHilton whore!We gonna have some fun tonight.”Paris looked about at the interior of the tavern with barely cancealed disgust.It wasnt a particularly nice place,and certainly not the kind of establishment frequented by a girl like her.The place was packed with a few dozen middleage loud,
sweaty men from the nearby factories.Paris walked straight up to the bar and not used to beeing kept waiting yelled at the bartender”Hey you,I got lost,I need some help.”The bartender just grunted at her and went on drawing huge mugs of beer.
Paris,often the subject of masculine attention,knew she was beeing ignored.Smiling slightly,Paris leaned back in the stool and stretched her tanned arms,pushing her chest forward against her blouse,making the most of her smallish breats.
“Maybe I can help”Ricko said,walking up to the blond girl.
“Uh….hello,Im Paris”she said.”Ricko”he grunted,taking a pull on his beer.”Maybe u can help,I need directions.”Paris said,voice soft and seductive.”I think we can help each other out”Ricko replied while putting one hand on her tight.
“Hey”Paris exploded,face red with anger.”What the fuck do you think youre doing?”Ricko smiled at Paris”You are one fuckin
hot cocktease cunt”his hand gliding under her skirt.”NO”Paris screamed,driving her knee into Rickos crotch and tearing at his face with her sharp nails.She ran past him through the dark bar but was immediately grabbed by Pete whod been working with Ricko at the factory for years.Grad Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Pussy Story: "9-X Part IV: Paris Hilton"

9-X Part IV: Paris Hilton


Note: I’m also writing the “LUCK” series. Read it too, because the “9-X” series conclusion will tie in with the “LUCK” series conclusion.
Note: My previous author name was, now it’s just DDRx


9 is an top secret Artificial Intelligence program developed by the government to fly jets. His name is 9, because he was their ninth attempt. As time went on, 9 became smarter, hence giving the government the idea to make him more than his original purpose. They got a human test subject to make 9 into a super solider. They amped up his basic human abilities, giving him twice the strength of a bodybuilder and three times the endurance of a marathon runner. The 9 program was successfully downloaded into the test subject’s brain. But, it didn’t want to fight, it just wanted to do human activities. They decided to give him a room with a TV in it, so that he could entertain himself in between training sessions. As it watched TV, 9 saw a bunch of hot celebrity chicks. This made him have curiosity for sex. But when he wasn’t allowed to get any pussy, he went on a rampage, killed everyone and escaped the facility. He developed a serum called “9X” that quintuples a human’s sexual drive, making them extremely horny, that way any celeb he wants to fuck, won’t be submissive. It works guaranteed on males, but with females, it doesn’t work if she is in strong love with someone. With a full vial, it wears off after two hours, and partially erasing their memory. These are the stories of a Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Nude Story: "Aaron Carter’s 17th Birthday"

Title: Aaron Carter’s 17th Birthday
Author: Jessy19

Aaron shifted his body as he sat on the big plush
chair at his own 17th birthday party. Nick Carter,
Aaron’s big brother, had thrown him a big Hollywood
bash that December. Aaron didn’t want that. He had
wanted a private cozy little party. He hated big
crowds and noise. Nick had invited all kinds of
people. Mostly pop singers and uptight little sluts.
One person he invited was ok by Aaron. It was Paris

Oh god Paris!Aaron drooled over the blonde as he saw
her walking side to side with his brother. Nick had
his arm around her tiny waist and was showing her off
like a prized possession. She looked sexy in her
little black skirt and red crop top showing off her
flat tummy. Ever since the whole sex tape scandal came
out about Paris, Aaron had been dreaming about her. He
knew she was older than he was but in his own mind he
hoped she would see how much he liked her.

Aaron turned to see the annoying Hillary Duff giggling
as she sat next to him. “Aaron! You haven’t been
listening to a word I’m saying!”

Aaron rolled his eyes. He only wanted to look at
Paris. She was so classy and sexy as hell. Why
couldn’t girls his age be like Paris? Why did they
have to be so annoying like Hillary?

“Aaron I feel so drunk!” Hillary hissed.

“The let me call you a cab. I think you need to go
home,” Aaron responded pulling out his cell phone.

“You dummy! I’m trying to give you a hint here. You
can take advantage of me!” Hillary slurred.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you Hillary. You
are doing nothing but getting on my damn nerves!”

Hillary gasped and Aaron called a cab to come pick her
up. “You are l Continue reading

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Paris likes this headphones so much that she don’t want to wear anything else!

Paris Hilton Oops

Another sexy starlet from Paris Hilton tv-show got those perfect big boobs to expose to us and she never refuses anyone who comes up with a hard-on! Here Paris Hilton hentai hookers will have to deal with some monstrous and hardest baby-makers that will hammer each cum hole of their hot selves… Here whores will find themselves facing some huge and stiffest baby-makers that will plumb!

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Paris Hilton Porn Story: "After Filming Fun"

This Is My First Story So Tell Me What You Think.

Also send me ideas for my next story

After Filming Fun

Starring, Eliza Duska, Allison Hannigan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton,
Michelle Trachtenberg

It had been a long week for the three starlets, they had filming a new
horror movie and it all wrapped up today, the three stars had left the set
and decided to spend the night at a local club, as they didn’t have to get
up for filming the next day.

Eliza Duska and Allison Hannigan were the first to arrive Eliza was wearing
Black leather knee high boots, tight leather pants that made her ass look
tighter than hotter than usual, for a top she was wearing a black bra with a
black sting vest over the top of it, behind her was Allison, she wore the
same knee high boots, a plaid skirt so short it ended just below her own ass
cheeks, she also wore a tight white shirt which was only buttoned half way
up to show off her bra and cleavage. As the stood at the bar ordering there
first round of tequila’s Britney Spears walked in she hadthe same outfit on
as Allison only her hair was in pigtails and her breasts seemed to be slowly
spilling out of her bra. She walked straight upto Allison “Bitch, that’s my
outfit” she said jokingly to Allison, “Sorry Brit but hey looks like were
gonna be twins for the night” Allison said with an evil grin spreading
across her face. Eliza turned back from the bar with a tray full of shots,
“Ladies stop arguing or I’ll spank you, now drink up, its party time”.

9 shots later the girls were on the dance floor together, Eliza was grinding
her tight ass into Britney Continue reading

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If Paris didn’t flashed her pussy the photo simply doesn’t count

Paris Hilton Nude Pics

We carry on with Paris Hilton uncontrolled episodes crammed full of all sorts of sex and some powerful threesome scenes as well! Some Paris Hilton porn cunts crave for some raw fuck – they get banged where they are caught receive big pokers in ;) Let’s get inspired by bitch that takes cock ;)

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Paris Hilton Nude Story: "Tears Of An Angel – Episode I : Some Dreams Come True"

Story Title: Tears Of An Angel, Episode I
Author’s Name: Morgan Brykein
Content Code: rom, for romance. There are no codes for nudity, so…
Celebs: Paris Hilton

Just a warning: this story about Paris Hilton is a nice story.
Nowhere is she being gang-raped by construction workers, or being
raped by Shannen Doherty’s dog or something. I know some of you are
just plain grossed out by a story that portrays her in a
positive manner. Also keep in mind that this episode has some nudity,
but no sex. I promise you that episodes two, three, and onwards will
have sex in them (especially episode three, which includes Nicky
Hilton as a character).

Go ahead and send all your fan mail, hate mail, love letters, and
death threats to Oh, and remember, if you’re under
the age of eighteen, don’t read this. I don’t see why I have to say
this, since it says it right on the front page, and I don’t see
what’s stopping anyone. I have the story currently planned out up to
episode three, so I might need some suggestions. Please, keep all
suggestions mature.

Tears of an Angel Episode I – Some Dreams Come True

We all know about those cute little TV Christmas specials, where hope and dreams always seem to come true. Well, over the years I learned that all those things about hope and miracles were pure bullshit. Nothing positive ever really happened in my life – I had hopes, I had dreams, but I also had the knowledge that they were just that, hopes and dreams.

The only real static hope I had was a hope that end Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Nude Story: "JOA Damons Chronicles – Chapter 7"

This story is a spin off of the successful and wildly popular “Journal of an Agent” by Carnage Jackson. At the end of Carnage’s story, the main character, Dean Simonds, faces a major dilemma, where he has to choose between staying in Hollywood with Alyssa Milano, or heading back east with Natalie Portman. Please note that this might not necessarily have been the ending Carnage had in mind, but is my own interpretation.

I hope you all like this series, and all feedback is welcome at I would like to thank Carnage Jackson for not only letting me use his characters and set-up, but for his constructive suggestions and criticism.

I’d also like to apologize for the incredibly long delay since the last chapter. I had so much going for me this past year that sitting down to write was practically impossible. Thanks for your patience, and I hope this chapter is worth the wait.

If you are over 18, please refrain from reading this. To the rest of you, note that this story is completely fictional, and all similarities to real life people and occurrences are strictly coincidental.


Being a top Hollywood agent has its ups and downs, as I was beginning to discover over the next few months. I was working harder than I had ever worked in my life, and any semblance of a personal or social life was non-existent. On the other hand though, I was earning more money than I’d ever made in my life, and was rubbing shoulders with the high a Continue reading

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Getting DP by big black dicks? Well, Paris may like it here after all…

Paris Hilton Naked

Busty hooker Paris Hilton cartoon is shaking under heavy pussy assault in this sex toon report!! Paris Hilton porn characters make their reappearance with detailed pictorial fuck reports that will make your prick rock hard. Incidentally, it is not a fucking I can see in this picture? and !

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