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Paris Hilton Nude Story: "Jamie Lynn Spears: Celebrity Bitch (Part 2A)"

This is the second installment, part one of two…sort of a teaser.


Jamie Lynn Spears: Celebrity Bitch (Part 2A)

By Jonathan Pieffer

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie,

Spank, F/f, F/F, Semi-Rape, BDSM, Drug, First, Inc, NC


This story is fake. LIES all LIES!!!! It has not and probably will never happen, but if it does take pictures and call me!! The people in this story do not exist, any similarity to real people is your overworked imagination… figments fantasy, fiction and stuff.

No celebrities were harmed during the writing of this story, if their careers are in the toilet look to their parents or agents, not me. Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited by law.

If you happen to be one of the celebrities that are included in this story, please don’t sue me, I’m piss poor!!!

Continue at your own risk, you’ve been warned.

It was a horrible night for little Jaime-Lynn Spears, her young teenage body stimulated in all senses of the word. Her older sister had once again taken great joy in sexually abusing her, and again she was helpless to do anything!! It seemed just as Jamie had fallen asleep, the basement door was flung open, the lights flipped on, and Britney Spears came down the steps, obvious that she had just waken up.

The older Spears sister was dressed in only an aqua colored bra and matching panties, her hair slightly obscure, but a smile was on her face as she took in the sense of her sexually frustrated and abused sister as she dangled from an x-frame, Jamie’s panties fitt Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Porn Story: "Plug In Paris"

When Paris swore to Matt she would do anything to be His, she had no idea just how far she would go to make all of His fantasies come true. In the end she got just what she craved most, to be forever His, even if it was too late to enjoy it.

The long winding road that led to the French countryside was lined with breathtaking scenery.

The leaves had just begun to change to rich autumn shades, making it even more beautiful. It was sunset when Paris arrived at the cabin. For a moment, she sat in the car just admiring the perfect surroundings. The cool air hit her as she opened the car door and climbed out. She shivered slightly and made her way to the cottage.

Her fingers moved quickly to unbutton her light-blue silk blouse, which she quickly slid off.

The crisp breeze kissed her warm skin, making her nipples grow hard instantly. The lacy pale blue bra was next to go, getting placed on the floor with the shirt. Her hands trembled as she unzipped the black leather skirt she wore, folding it as and laying it aside as well. The knee high boots were then removed before she moved on to the panties. The sexy little lace bikini was already damp when she hooked her fingers under the sides and slid it down her slender thighs, stepping out of them and laying them with the rest of her clothes. Now completely naked, she sank to her knees on the chilly wooden porch. With her soft brown eyes closed, she knocked on the door, her hands moving behind her back as she awaited further instructions.

The door slowly opened. She could hear the floorboards cr Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Nude Story: "Aaron Carter’s 17th Birthday"

Title: Aaron Carter’s 17th Birthday
Author: Jessy19

Aaron shifted his body as he sat on the big plush
chair at his own 17th birthday party. Nick Carter,
Aaron’s big brother, had thrown him a big Hollywood
bash that December. Aaron didn’t want that. He had
wanted a private cozy little party. He hated big
crowds and noise. Nick had invited all kinds of
people. Mostly pop singers and uptight little sluts.
One person he invited was ok by Aaron. It was Paris

Oh god Paris!Aaron drooled over the blonde as he saw
her walking side to side with his brother. Nick had
his arm around her tiny waist and was showing her off
like a prized possession. She looked sexy in her
little black skirt and red crop top showing off her
flat tummy. Ever since the whole sex tape scandal came
out about Paris, Aaron had been dreaming about her. He
knew she was older than he was but in his own mind he
hoped she would see how much he liked her.

Aaron turned to see the annoying Hillary Duff giggling
as she sat next to him. “Aaron! You haven’t been
listening to a word I’m saying!”

Aaron rolled his eyes. He only wanted to look at
Paris. She was so classy and sexy as hell. Why
couldn’t girls his age be like Paris? Why did they
have to be so annoying like Hillary?

“Aaron I feel so drunk!” Hillary hissed.

“The let me call you a cab. I think you need to go
home,” Aaron responded pulling out his cell phone.

“You dummy! I’m trying to give you a hint here. You
can take advantage of me!” Hillary slurred.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you Hillary. You
are doing nothing but getting on my damn nerves!”

Hillary gasped and Aaron called a cab to come pick her
up. “You are l Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Porn Story: "After Filming Fun"

This Is My First Story So Tell Me What You Think.

Also send me ideas for my next story
[email protected]

After Filming Fun

Starring, Eliza Duska, Allison Hannigan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton,
Michelle Trachtenberg

It had been a long week for the three starlets, they had filming a new
horror movie and it all wrapped up today, the three stars had left the set
and decided to spend the night at a local club, as they didn’t have to get
up for filming the next day.

Eliza Duska and Allison Hannigan were the first to arrive Eliza was wearing
Black leather knee high boots, tight leather pants that made her ass look
tighter than hotter than usual, for a top she was wearing a black bra with a
black sting vest over the top of it, behind her was Allison, she wore the
same knee high boots, a plaid skirt so short it ended just below her own ass
cheeks, she also wore a tight white shirt which was only buttoned half way
up to show off her bra and cleavage. As the stood at the bar ordering there
first round of tequila’s Britney Spears walked in she hadthe same outfit on
as Allison only her hair was in pigtails and her breasts seemed to be slowly
spilling out of her bra. She walked straight upto Allison “Bitch, that’s my
outfit” she said jokingly to Allison, “Sorry Brit but hey looks like were
gonna be twins for the night” Allison said with an evil grin spreading
across her face. Eliza turned back from the bar with a tray full of shots,
“Ladies stop arguing or I’ll spank you, now drink up, its party time”.

9 shots later the girls were on the dance floor together, Eliza was grinding
her tight ass into Britney Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Naked

Busty hooker Paris Hilton cartoon is shaking under heavy pussy assault in this sex toon report!! Paris Hilton porn characters make their reappearance with detailed pictorial fuck reports that will make your prick rock hard. Incidentally, it is not a fucking I can see in this picture? and !

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Paris Hilton gets double penetrated and still looking for some guys to join her private party

Paris Hilton Skirt Shot

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Paris Hilton will be playing with her nipples while you are watching on her shaved pussy…

Paris Hilton Sex

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Paris Hilton Exposed

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Paris Hilton Upskirt

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